5 Amazing Getaways for Spring 2018

Where To Go ?


Spring can be the best time of year to travel as it typically offers smaller crowds, more enjoyable weather, and better pricing that allows you to make the most of your vacation. One of the hardest questions to answer about travel is where to go. For most people, they want to go somewhere they can relax, enjoy the local culture, and have amazing adventures.

Here are 5 places to visit that offer luxury, relaxation, entertainment, and are perfect for a Spring getaway.



Japan is a country that caters to just about anyone. With modern pop culture and historic temples nestled in beautiful forests, Japan can satisfy the artistic eye as well as the adventurous, youthful spirit. Japan has seemingly endless amounts of stunning mountains, lakes, and forests to explore. Japan is also known for its high-tech, futuristic lifestyle in cities like Tokyo where you can have robots entertain and serve you drinks.

Japan has a little bit of everything. You can visit Tokyo Disney or ride around Tokyo in Mario Go Karts dressed up as Nintendo characters to see the city. You can climb Mt Fuji, hang out with deer and monkeys in one of the many nature parks, visit one of the hundreds of historic temples, take a day trip to Kyoto, or visit one of the markets that offer unique and creative wares.

In the spring, you can see the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Depending on where you go on the island, the cherry blossoms can be seen from January to April.



Iceland is an ethereal, mystical country that almost looks like it doesn’t belong on this planet. With vast, hilly green lands and volcanoes and glaciers, it beckons to something out of a Tolkien novel. Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise.

The route known as The Golden Circle allows you to see the Blue Lagoon, waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, and everything in between.

The one thing Iceland is most known for is its incredible location in experiencing the Northern Lights. Not only does its far Northern location make it perfect for viewing the lights, but because the country is quiet and not densely populated, there is little to no light pollution to impede your view of the Northern Lights. The best time of year to see the Northern Lights is the end of August to the end of April.

If you are looking for incredible accommodations to truly help you experience Iceland, there is no shortage of luxurious, one of a kind accommodations. Ion Adventure Hotel is built on lava rock, with floor to ceiling windows to offer unobstructed views of the lights. Deplar Hotel is a former sheep farm that has been transformed into high-end lodging with no end to the adventure and excitement.



Spain is a treasure trove of beauty, culture, and history. With many cities that offer different experiences, Spain will make you want to call it your second home. With incredibly friendly people and historic buildings around every corner, you will find yourself wondering why you waited so long to visit this magical country.

Madrid offers you numerous world-renowned art museums and galleries, beautiful streets, and palaces. You can choose to visit one of the amazing tapas bars or see a performance of authentic flamenco dancers.

Bilbao is a lesser known treasure of Spain. Though geographically part of Spain, Bilbao has a completely different culture, history, and language from the rest of Spain. It offers beautiful rivers, parks, and the world-famous Guggenheim Museum.

You also have cities like Barcelona where you can enjoy a rousing game of Soccer (fútbol). Seville is in the southern part of Spain but offers a truly unique experience. An area of the world that was significant in the crusades, you can do The Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage, visit vineyards and the beautiful Spanish countryside, or even visit some of the sites where popular movies and shows were filmed like Game of Thrones. You can also visit Toledo, which used to be considered the sword making factory of the world. Toledo offers amazing castles, silver shops, and armories where you can purchase handmade swords.



Singapore is known for its futuristic, cutting-edge architecture, sculptures, and lifestyle. Even the airport in Singapore is a tourist destination with its art installations, water parks, gardens, and shopping. Many people go to the airport even if they are not traveling because there is so much to do.

The architecture in Singapore is unlike anywhere else. It has the largest kinetic sculpture, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, The Gardens by the Bay, and its most famous luxury hotel is an engineering masterpiece all its own. The Marina Bay Sands is a hotel with three towers with a ship built on top. This 5-star hotel has pools, shopping, and relaxation that rival many other world luxury brands.

You cannot visit Singapore without planning on eating the local fair. Singapore is known for its food scene. With large markets in Little India, the Arab Quarter, and Chinatown, there is never a shortage of unique and mouthwatering cuisine. So be sure to go hungry. This clean and safe destination is one you will not want to miss.




India is a haven for those looking to recharge and reconnect. India has so much to offer those looking for vibrant culture, food, and history.

Whether you are visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, Bengaluru for its palaces and nightlife, or Mumbai for the shopping and cultural experience, there is always more to see. Delhi is known for its amazing history and monuments while still maintaining the vibrant culture that is truly unique to India.

India is known for its subtropical heat. Visiting in Spring allows you to experience all India has to offer with dry and mild weather and allows you to participate in many Hindu festivals. India offers luxury, history, and culture that is unlike anywhere else in the world.